Vincent Petroff, Class of 2006

Dear Dr. Long,

I received your letter dated June 1, 2016 requesting a testimonial about my successes and experiences with my Human Relations degree.

When I enrolled in the program I was stationed at Lajes Field in the Azores as an Active Duty Air Force Master Sergeant and the Chief of Military Equal Opportunity. My job was to promote a more positive human relations climate and report to the wing commander. I believed I excelled in this position as a result of learning valuable information in communications and diverse populations.

In 2004, I returned to the United States and successfully completed my degree program on-line and eventually graduated in 2006. My work in Equal Opportunity continued as the Superintendent of Military Equal Opportunity at Dover AFB. I achieved greater success by achieving the rank of Senior Master Sergeant thanks in large part to my initiative at obtaining my degree. The program was a great stepping stone and provided me with valuable knowledge and writing skills.

I retired from the Air Force in 2008 and one month later applied for the position of Supervisor for the Division of Human Relations in the state of Delaware. I planned to succeed by being prepared with my degree when the opportunity came. This degree prepared me for this job opportunity and I was offered the position. I began working for the state of Delaware in September 2008 and still work here today. I’ve attached our website below so you know more specifically what we do. However, I report to the Executive Director of the Division and supervisor three Investigators and two Administrative Specialists. We are the investigative arm of the State Human Relations Commission and investigate discrimination in places of public accommodation and fair housing. We investigate Federal Title VIII and State Title VI housing complaints. I interact daily with the general public and my critical thinking skills from the program have been a tremendous asset.

My degree in Human Relations has given me the tools to understand diverse people, appreciate cross-cultural communications and be an effective writer. I am extremely pleased to have chosen the OU Human Relations program. This choice has given me great opportunity and success in the human relations field.

Thank you again!

Please feel free to share my testimonial.

Vincent Petroff