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Philosophy of Human Relations
by Alyssa Rucci (Undergraduate Student)

When thinking of what my philosophy or definition of Human Relations is, I had to put some thought to this. When people ask me, “What exactly do human relations majors do?”, I tend to just give the typical dictionary response of, “We learn how to develop better interpersonal and inter-group skills and adjustments in the workplace.”, however there is much more to it than that. In my opinion, Human Relations is a summation of many different majors. It includes sciences in that much of Human Relations courses deal with statistics and theories;however,it is also an art in that you have the room to be creative and flexible in how to view issues and ideas. There is no right or wrong way to do Human Relations. That is what I love about this major and this program as a whole, because each individual is valued and respected enough to be able to have their own opinions and to be considered, “right”, as long as you can back up your claims. Human Relations is extraordinarily important in the work force and out in the real world, because every single job deals with people in one way or another, and I believe that if you know how to work well and adjust well to and with people, then you can be successful in any job.We, as Human Relations majors, may not have technical, or hard skills that, say, an engineering major would, but we have soft skills, such as communication, interpersonal/inter-group, and problem solving skills that are skills many people in other majors simply do not learn. These soft skills are what make Human Relations majors stand out, and make us successful in the workplace.The most important thing that I have learned in Human Relations thus far, are the different types of communicators. We also learned what type of communicators we are as individuals, and then learned how to identify what type of communicator other people are in order to adjust the way we communicate so that we can get our message clearly across in their terms. This has been so incredibly important in my personal, professional, and school life in that I have been able to be so flexible and adjust to the way people communicate so that I can work effectively and efficiently in any scenario. This is something that I will carry with me forever, as I know it will always retain its value. Lastly, I believe Human Relations is important because it is so applicable to everyday life. We do not learn things in class just to memorize, regurgitate it on a test, and then forget it. We learn objectives, ideas, ways of thinking, and problem solving techniques that we will use in our lives outside of school now, and in the future. Human Relations is all about learning for life, not learning for a test or grade, thus in my opinion making it one of the most valuable majors offered at the University of Oklahoma.