Anthony Rabasca, Class of 1978

Hello Dr. Long and Ms Yeaman,

My name is Anthony Rabasca (Tony). It was May of 1978 when I, as a young Air Force Captain, earned my MA in Human Relations from OU. The HR program was offered at Patrick Air Force Base, Satellite Beach, Florida. I was assigned to the Defense Race Relations Institute (DRRI) now known as the Equal Opportunity Management Institute (EOMI). The mission of this Department of Defense Institution was/is to train members from all branches of the military to be Race Relations Instructors/facilitators. Upon graduation students were to return to their units around the world and set up race relations programs where they were stationed. My duties at the Institute were developing, maintaining and lecturing on DRRI's core courses on Racism and Sexism in the Military. Duties also included facilitating groups that focussed on the emotional and psychological components of prejudice in general and specific prejudices harbored by our students toward any one of a number groups including, African-Americans, Women, Latinos and non-Christians.

I cannot over emphasize how OU's Human Relations Masters program proved to be invaluable during my four years at the DRRI. Many of the HR courses dovetailed beautifully with the work I was doing at the DRRI.

But there is more: When I retired from the Air Force in 1986 I enrolled in Syracuse University's Master program in Marriage and Family Therapy(MFT). I found the work that I had completed in OU's HR program provided me with a solid foundation from which to pursue SU's MFT Masters. Upon graduation I started a highly successful private practice in MFT. I recently retired after 25 years of private practice.

So there you have it....OU's HR Masters remains a part of me and I am very thankful for having had the opportunity so very many years ago.

Please accept my apologies for such a late reply.


Anthony M. Rabasca

Lt.Col.,USAF, Retired

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist